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About Sailing Paradise Charters

With the whole world seemingly going electronic, with recordings instead of people answering phones, with robots doing most of the jobs humans did so far, it is an understatement to say that the relationship between the customer and the service industry has changed. We consider that to be a negative change so our philosophy of doing business is going back to the basics and restoring the personal connection between the customer and the company. To us you are not a number, each customer is a person with different needs, likes and dislikes, and our job is to find out what those are so we can personalize your yachting experience the best way possible.

Marc Anassis Sailing Paradise Yacht Charter Services

Marc Anassis, President and founder of Sailing Paradise.

Hopefully you will get a sense of our high standards of service as you visit our site, or you can experience it up close if you get the chance to visit us in Patchogue, Long Island, New York. Here are a few facts about us. Much of our high level of service comes down to the staff. Amongst us we have probably sailed most of the sailing areas in the world, and our expertise are Yacht Charters, Yacht Design, Construction as well as yacht management.

We believe strongly in customer service and satisfaction. To us those words mean: giving you as much information as possible thus enabling you to make a better choice, listening to what you have to say so we can customize your yachting experience while taking care and protecting your interests.

Customers are our most cherished resource. Many of them are celebrities, but most are people who like yachting, like us – people who just love the sea. We at SAILING PARADISE are all enthusiastic sailors ourselves, and our business is our passion. We will listen to you, with care, to every detail, knowing your needs will enable us to select only the finest for you. We understand your passion for the sea, and that is why we will do everything possible to make your dreams come true.

Our history in yachting goes back to 1959. We have served our clients with reliability, knowledge, experience, and responsiveness. These are the qualities that are essential, and these are the qualities you are assured of with us. We are a team of yachting professionals, with offices in Patchogue, NY – Athens, Greece – and Wiesbaden, Germany.

Feel free to call us on our Toll Free number. If you are overseas by all means e-mail us – you will find that we reply promptly. If you phone there is always a real person on the other end of the line, no numbers to punch! We will offer you all of our knowledge and experience freely. Our relationship with our customers and the level of service we give is what really matters to us. In this impersonal age we think that this is very important. We hope you share this feeling!