snorkeling tips

Tips For Snorkeling Beginners

In this article we hope to outline the best ways for you to have the best snorkeling experience. Many first time snorkelers may have an unpleasant time if they are not familiar wit the basics of snorkeling.

Snorkeling can be a tremendous amount of fun if you understand your equipment and abide by the snorkeling rules of the water. Many first time snorkelers may experience anxiety, face mask problems. Snorkel tube flooding, fatigue and even injury if not careful. Many of these problems are quite avoidable and with a little bit of training are quite avoidable.

Some things to keep in mind when setting up your snorkel equipment

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bareboat extras

What To Bring On A Bareboat Charter That You Might Forget

As you may already know bareboat chartering or self chartering is a great way to experience the pleasure of yachting without the expense of owning your own boat. Most of the things you will need on a charter will already be on the boat but there is a few things you’ll need to remember to pack that are specific to you or not commonly supplied on the boat.

Charging Devices:

Most boats have 12v charger like the cigarette lighter one in your car. You can get a USB adaptor for that device and charge at least two electronic devices at that same time. Your boat may have a 110v or a 220v outlets onboard and you can check with your charter service to confirm this. Alternately you can get a power inverter that plugs into the 12v and allows low Watt 110v or USB accessories.
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