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Greece Yacht Charters

Yacht charters in Greece – Sailing vacations in the Land of Gods

The Greek Islands are among the most beautiful and interesting sailing areas in the world. The remnants of early Greek civilization, the timeless quality of customs, unchanged for centuries, and nature’s unexcelled display of beauty in sea, sky and land combine to make sailing these waters an unforgettable experience!

History, Discovery & Romance

Sailing the Greek islands with Sailing Paradise. Chartering a yacht with us, you get the best equipped boat at most competitive prices and best services. Let us help you to choose the most suitable yacht that meet your desires. But best of all, sail the most beautiful sailing grounds of the world -Greece!

Why Choose Sailing Paradise

Our history in yachting goes back to 1959. Marc Anassis, owner & chief tour operator of Sailing Paradise, is a native of Greece and a yacht builder and sailor with thousands of sailing hours under his belt. His experience of sailing and yacht charter brokerage in Greece and the Greek islands for over 40 years give him unparalleled expertise in planning and custom tailoring the perfect Greek Island sailing vacation for his clients. Additionally, Sailing Paradise has offices in Patchogue, NY – Athens, Greece – and Wiesbaden, Germany, which means a local Sailing Paradise professional will be at your disposal during your charter.

Crewed Yacht Charters Greece

Welcome to the wonderful world of private luxury Greek Islands sailing vacations. Sail with Sailing Paradise, the specialist in Sailing Holidays and luxury yacht charters. We are offering you quality sailing vacations, group and individual yacht charters of crewed luxury Motor Yachts, Motor Sailers or Sailing Yachts.

Bareboat Yacht Charters Greece

Sailing Paradise bareboat yacht charters in Greece allow those with some sailing experience to plan their own itinerary while experiencing the wonders of the Greek islands at their own pace. Map your course, linger at favorite places, you are the Captain!

Charters to go!

In our effort to offer to our clients “all inclusive” complete, smooth and trouble free sailing vacations, we have prepared the “Skippered and crewed charter packages”. Sit back and relax, let us iron out the wrinkles and enjoy your sailing vacation.


Contact us to discuss in detail your ideal itinerary or to ask for suggestions on where to charter and how to spend your time. — Just Call 1-888.860.SAIL

Sailing Vacation Greece Greek Islands

Best Greek Islands Spotlight!

Greece Yacht Charter, Sailing Greek Islands

Hydra – Saronic Islands

Hydra, maintains its own peace and rhythm, not to mention architectural style. It is probably the only place where not only cars, but motorbikes and bicycles are prohibited. Hydra, with its fresh ocean air and sparkling blue waters is the ideal place for vacation, for it combines the beauty and peace of a unique scenery, with a great selection of night-life for those who so please. With its unique character, the narrow paths and the houses it has a certain charm which attracts many artists.

Rhodes – Dodecanese Islands

Rhodes is the furthest south eastern island of Greece. it is a very popular, cosmopolitan island, where both Venetian and Turkish influence are apparent, giving it a special charm. Apart from the main harbour of Rhodes, where the magnificent statue of the Colossus once stood, you will find many picturesque, little coves, where you can swim in magical surroundings. Lovers of history will be drawn to the remarkable monuments all over the island, signs of its long past.

sailing greek islands rhodes

Sailing Vacations Mykonos

Mykonos – Cyclades Islands

Mykonos has an international reputation and quite justifiably attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Amongst them many intellectuals and well-known artists prefer Mykonos for their vacation. Next to Dilos (the financial center of ancient Greece) and 88 nautical miles from Piraeus lies the island with its beautiful white houses, narrow paths, many churches and wonderful beaches.

Corfu – Ionian Islands

Lovely Corfu, green and sun-drenched with its indented shores, first appeared on the scene at the dawn of time when she gave refuge to Jason and the Argonauts on their return from their quest for the Golden Fleece.

sailing corfu island