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Seychelles – Thailand

Thailand, a vision glides out of the mists, the tall foremast bearing five ghostly white square sails echoes the symmetry of a Buddhist pagoda. Offshore, a myriad of islands stand on end in the sea, rocky sentinels that look as if they were dropped down by a giant hand. We’ll take you to a hidden corner of the Orient that adventurous travelers treasure for its unspoiled beaches and dream-like natural beauty.

The little ports and scores of islands doting the Andaman Sea along the west coasts of Thailand and Malaysia have long been stopping places for the traders from India, Indonesia, China, Burma, Arabia and Europe.

The Seychelles: Over one hundred islands set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from the nearest land mass, the Seychelles are jewels of nature, mostly uninhabited, undiscovered by tourism. This is one of the finest sailing areas in the world.

Saint Pierre is famed for lot’s crystal clear water; Curieuse for it’s native giant sea turtles. The swimming and snorkeling are incomprable. On La Digue, the oldest granite in the world sits in rocky clusters on golden beaches. You can hike from beach to beach or rent bicycles and explore. Oxcarts will be the only “vehicles” you encounter in the roadway.

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