Caribbean or Bahamas

Should you charter to the Bahamas or the Caribbean?

It’s a silly question. Each destination has it’s own great qualities. Each has great stretches of white sand and blue sea. Each has plenty of nightlife and each has plenty of water sports activities. We just want to outline some of the differences so you can make a better choice for you and your crew mates.


The Bahamas are a lot closer to The mainland and it’s easier to make three or four day cruises. But if time isn’t of the essence the Caribbean has more choices when it comes to ports of call. You can expect seven to ten day cruises. Because the Bahamas are further north the beaches can be a bit colder in the evenings during winter months.


The history of both the Bahamas and Caribbean conjure pictures of pirate ships and booty. The French, English, Dutch and Spanish disputed many islands and built forts and warships to protect their plantations. Visiting such places such as Brimstone Hill on St. Kitts, Fort San Felipe in Dominican Republic and Fort Fincastle in Nassau on New Providence you can see the rich and sometimes violent history of both regions.


There are many popular spots in the Caribbean for staying up and getting out at night. In Aruba, nightlife here isn’t confined to touristy shows. In Curacao Friday is a big night out with live music at many bars and hotels. Jost Van Dyke is the most happening place to go bar-hopping in The British Virgin Islands. In fact, yachts will sail over just to have a few drinks.

In the Bahamas nightspots in Nassau & Paradise Island are centrally located, walking distance from any cruise port. There are many open-air bars and clubs for live music and dancing. Two world-class casinos the Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island and the Crystal Palace Casino in Cable Beach.

While both the Caribbean and The Bahamas offer amazing opportunities to enjoy your cruise and think you should at some point try both. The Bahamas are great for shorter trips while the Caribbean offers more ports of call and greater cruise destination choices.