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What To Bring On A Bareboat Charter That You Might Forget

As you may already know bareboat chartering or self chartering is a great way to experience the pleasure of yachting without the expense of owning your own boat. Most of the things you will need on a charter will already be on the boat but there is a few things you’ll need to remember to pack that are specific to you or not commonly supplied on the boat.

Charging Devices:

Most boats have 12v charger like the cigarette lighter one in your car. You can get a USB adaptor for that device and charge at least two electronic devices at that same time. Your boat may have a 110v or a 220v outlets onboard and you can check with your charter service to confirm this. Alternately you can get a power inverter that plugs into the 12v and allows low Watt 110v or USB accessories.

All of this is demanding to your boats power supply so if you can bring spare batteries with you all the better.

A Camera:

It might seem obvious but you’ll want to capture those memories and the beautiful scenery on your voyage. Don’t forget to bring the battery, charger and any other accessories that your camera will need.


You may want some romantic music in the evenings with dinner or for any reason. Most boats will have a radio or a CD player and newer boats will be compatible with your iPod. Check with your charter service and don’t forget to bring the appropriate cable attachments.

Cell Phone:

You may or may not have coverage on your boat depending on where you are but it’s a good idea to bring it along for keeping in touch and for emergencies. Again don’t forget to bring the charging cables.

Non Devices:

If you’re trying to get away from it all then unplugging from your devices is necessary. There will be down time on your cruise. Bring a book, some playing cards, board games etc. to unwind at the end of a day.


There will probably be days that you are not on the boat and you’ll want to wander on land. Visit shops or go on a small hike. Bring a day pack to carry your supplies in.

Travel cooler:

Along the lines of the backpack you may spend the day on the beach or away from the boat and want a small cooler to keep the beverages cool.

Snorkeling Equipment:

If you think you’ll want to go snorkeling it’s highly recommended that you have your own gear. There may be some snorkel gear on the boat but everybody is different and the right face mask and fins will help you have a better experience.


Most bareboat charters have a pair onboard but it’s always good to have a backup.


Again, your boat will probably have one or two but the more the better.

Walkie Talkie or Handheld VHF:

Always good to have to either communicate ship to shore or around the vessel while docking etc.

Ziplock bags:

Having these in various sizes are really handy for storing paper products. Charts, wet clothes and more. You’ll really be happy you brought them.

Burgee or ID flag:

Ask your charter if the boat has one and will help you find your boat among many at a crowded port.