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The Charter Lifestyle

Imagine opening your eyes every day to a new vista, sipping your morning coffee to a spectacular sunrise, savoring fine cuisine in the open air, enjoying a tropical cocktail at sunset or a brandy under the stars.

Imagine an expanse of turquoise blue sea scattered with dozens of emerald islands, some large with lush rain forests and rolling hillsides, others tiny with aprons of white sand.

Now, imagine this all happening without effort. Imagine someone orchestrating it all to your personal tastes and interests.

A Full Itinerary Of Fun!


Have you ever experienced the magic of the wind on a sail? Feeling the wind coming at you, and somehow moving up into it by sail alone? There is no feeling like it, the wonder at how this quiet, smooth motion can propel a yacht forward while you relax in comfort. Or learn to sail it yourself, there are yachts captained by certified sailing instructors who can teach you the mysteries of sailing. Gentle winds virtually guarantee that will take you wherever you want to go.

Water Skiing

In the calm waters of protected bays, you can enjoy water-skiing and knee boarding, whether you’ve done it before or just want to try it out. And with water that’s so warm and nice, who cares if you fall down?




The sun can be relentless between 12 noon and 4 in the afternoon, so the best time to swim anywhere is between 9-11 AM and 4-8 PM. The sea is usually very calm in the morning hours, and as a rule the afternoon breeze brings some waves of varying sizes and intensity.


In minutes, you can learn how to see the underwater world easily and comfortably. Coral reefs, colorful fish, octopus, everything the Discovery Channel has, and more! Most yachts have snorkel gear for you to use, and the crew can teach you everything you need to know to be relaxed in the water. Don’t forget to look for a disposable waterproof camera you can take pictures to rival Jacques Cousteau’s (well, maybe not, but close).


Select a yacht with Dive Instructors on board, and you can gain full access to the underwater world. You do not have to be a Navy SEAL to enjoy SCUBA diving, people from ages 12 to 80 have gotten certified and enjoy this relaxing way to view the reefs up close at their leisure. For certified divers, there are yachts that offer casual diving, and others that are much more dive oriented.


Your own charter yacht can take you to “secret” beaches, or to the big ones. You can choose beautiful white sand beaches, shell beaches, even rocky beaches, and rather than visit the same beach you can see a new beach every day.




Shopping where you visit is a must. Every island has their own unique folk art, from colorful pottery to paintings, from beautiful handmade jewelry to leather clothes and goods. Every island has a small market at the port, small shops, one next to the other that make window shopping a lot of fun!

Gourmet Food

There are many places you can have a wonderful meal, but how many chefs can follow you around from island to island on your vacation like your own chef aboard your chartered yacht?

The best part of your own chartered yacht is that you will fill out detailed preference sheets beforehand to let us know what you like, what you don’t, and what you’re willing to try. Just look through the comments that our chefs have received from their guests to see what we mean. Experience local foods and gourmet favorites (and those may even have a local twist).


Swing from a hammock on deck with your favorite book, or one selected from the boat’s shelves. You set the pace, if you don’t feel the need to move we won’t make you. If you want to do more, we can accommodate that too, certainly, but this is your vacation. Take long relaxing walks on the beach, or just sit and watch a gorgeous sunset that can last an hour.


There is nightlife on the places you visit! You can find clubs, bars, pubs, live music entertainment. Every island offers plenty of entertainment and the party lasts till the early hours of the morning.